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In this website, we endeavour to offer you the most up to date, London-specific information regarding what we do at TZM London Chapter, as well as links and tools for you to use for your own benefit or to divulge the information far and wide.
Please, remember that we are all volunteers and may not always have the time to update the content on a weekly basis.
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Welcome to Zeitgeist London, one out of about a thousand Chapters across sixty countries making up the global Zeitgeist Movement.

We were formed shortly after the founding of the movement in 2008 and built up a subscriber list of 800 in our Meetup.com site. We continue to build with this new dedicated site. Our short term aim is to have Chapters in every London Borough. Our longer term aim is to to help everyone see that we are one Human family sharing the same planet. To see that we have technical solutions available to us that are not being implemented for problem solving, because of the existing socio-economic order.

We seek to disseminate this information to all people, so that the necessary recognition and understanding is acheived. Without your understanding and the understanding of significant numbers of people, we will be unable to apply these solutions to economic crisis, wars, unemployment, most crime and many more societal problems.

Zeitgeist London subscribers are active in many area's from Streetbanks to our Zeitgeist days where the past two events attracted fifteen hundred people into a building to hear our ideas. We have regularly updated news feed/update reporting on these activities and an events calendar on which anyone can submit events.

You're invited to explore this site where you will come across some basic terms and some more detailed ones, some long words and technical jargon and some simplified approaches.

Although we're about spreading awareness of the root causes of persistent social problems and a solution: A Resource Based Economy, we're not here to try to convert or convince. We're presenting information to give you a better tool to see the world as it is. What does that mean - to see the world as it really is? That's something that you yourself will have to determine and that's one of the things we highly value; your individual ability, as well as ours, to come to an agreement and to act upon this. These acts can be the simple act of conversation with friends or collaborative, working with others on projects. Whatever actions we do, large or small, we want to report it on this site.


NB: for an extended FAQ click here

  1. what is 'the zeitgeist movement'?
  2. what is 'the scientific method'?
  3. what is the structure of the movement?
  4. what is 'technological unemployment'?

what is 'the zeitgeist movement'?

'Zeitgeist' is a German word that translates literally as 'ghost of time', which alludes to the soul or the intellectual/cultural climate of an era, and the term 'movement' indicates motion or change, therefore 'the zeitgeist movement' could be defined very simply as an organization that promotes a cultural change. More precisely, it is an organization that urges change in the dominant cultural, moral and intellectual climate of the time, specifically the values and practices to better serve the well-being of the whole of humanity regardless of race, religion, creed or any other form of contrived social status.

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what is a 'resource-based economy'?

It is a new social design where the economic system utilizes resources - rather than money - to provide an equitable method of distribution in the most humane and efficient manner. It is a system in which all goods and services are available to everyone without the use of money, credits, barter, or any other form of debt or servitude.
The aim of this economic model is to free humanity from repetitive, mundane, or arbitrary occupations that are irrelevant to social development while also encouraging a new incentive system based on self-fulfillment, education, social awareness and creativity.

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what is 'the scientific method'?

It is the methodology used to arrive at conclusions through the observation.
In very basic terms, It involves having an idea - or hypothesis - and putting it to the test in such a way that results can be measured, contrasted and reproduced. Strictly speaking, the scientific method follows the following conditions:

  1. Statements and conclusions must be backed up with evidence - claiming that something is a fact does not make it a fact
  2. Measurements must be done objectively, not being guessed subjectively
  3. The samples that you take must be sufficient and representative
  4. Whenever possible, use blind tests
  5. All your observations must be contrasted to 'control samples'
  6. Sources of information must be cited and be reliable, verifiable and backed up by evidence
  7. Do not bare false witness (don't cheat)

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what is 'technological unemployment'?

The term refers to the fact that technology is substituting human labour in more and more of what are considered to be 'human activities'.
We understand there is no reason why it should not be this way for the advancing technology is now phasing out the role of humans in the economic labour force and this paradigm shift needs to be embraced so as to achieve a new social system which does not require human servitude for income.

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what is the structure of the movement?

NB: for a more thorough explanation click here

The movement is organized in what we call 'chapters'. We can find chapters at different levels, from local chapters all the way to the global chapter, organized in a 'reverse hierarchy' form. This basically means that decisions are made at the local chapter level, based on rational consensus and arrived at by its members, and those decisions are then fed 'down' one level to the regional chapter, then national, continental and ultimately the intercontinental or global chapter.

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